Interventional Radiology or Image Guided Surgery. What is it?

Interventional Radiology is also known as vascular interventional radiology. We all are aware regarding medicine specialty called as Radiology. Various modalities like X ray, ultrasonography, CT or MRI scan are done diagnosis of a ailment. DSA Digital Subtraction Angiography) which is used in Cath Lab is a part of Radiology too. For common people it’s a cardiologist who does Angiography, it stands true but that’s only for heart. What about other organs? What about other blood vessels? Besides heart there are arteries and veins to distribute blood for normal functioning. Interventional radiologist basically uses all these technologies to perform surgeries without taking any incision or by just making a pin hole. Vascular procedures are performed in same Cath lab while CT scan and USG is commonly used to perform non vascular procedures. This is the reason that IR is also called as Image Guided Surgery. Traditionally for internal bleeding the surgeon required to cut open the bod